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We have used for over 6 years to track our employees' time. It integrates well with our payroll system and does not require any additional equipment.

— Michael Perone - Executive Vice President and CMO, Barracuda Networks, California

We find your product to be an invaluable tool for what we do and as someone who is on it daily and has seen dozens of products like it I am always blown away by the way can capture simplicity and complexity in a single product.

— Richard Ginn - Owner, Black Rocket Productions, New Jersey

We needed an easy way to track employee time and effort.'s design is elegantly simple and intuitive for the average user. Very little training was necessary, the administrator responsibilities are minimal, and the user support is friendly and responsive.

— Lori Gerzina - Section Manager, Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment, Colorado

We have been using for a little over a year now. To tell the truth, I perused the net for a very long time, downloading quite a few programs for review for the branch offices which our company has. I actually tried using several different online time clocks for about a week and came to the undeniable conclusion that was absolutely the best of the programs.

— Diane Sullivan - Sullivan Associates, Tennessee has been a life-saver in managing a team that works from home. Knowing that takes care of the team's time-tracking frees me up to be able to expand our business. I really appreciate the affordable pricing and personalized service. I've never had to wait for service when I have a question, by phone or email, any time of day. has been a big help to our business.

— Carra Davies - Performance Feedback Supervisor, Gates Business Solutions, Wisconsin

We launched it and literally had no staff training. It's so simple and easy to use that no training was necessary. There are very helpful training videos that are each a couple minutes long, so anyone who had questions, found their answers easily. It's also been so helpful in improving our efficiency. We are a small company, so we were previously keeping track of everyone's hours, including vacation and sick time, manually using spreadsheets. This was very time consuming and often resulted in errors. Now, everything is done automatically without anyone from our office having to spend too much time monitoring it.

— Gina Zucconi - Picture Marketing, California

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Very pleased overall. Options allow us to fit the app to our specific company situation. Best time keeping app so far after trying several over the past year.

— Jim Effinger - California Beverage Technologies, California

They helped me get this setup and going very quickly and easily. It's a perfect solution and I love it!

— Jeff Sawyer - Just Almonds International, Nevada

We have implemented for our billable and non-billable employees to track their time and bill our customers. This product is simple to integrate and use it. The product integrates well with Salesforce and QuickBooks software. Our employees are using it from the day we implemented. I am pleased to say that the customer service is one of the best I have ever seen. My accounting manger implemented this product without any technical (IT help).

— Velu Palani - DB Professionals, Illinois

Our original system for employees to clock in and out was on paper. I found the numbers to be very round... and I know not all my employees are here at 9 on the dot! integrates with Salesforce and allows the office to clock in and clock out with EXACT times. If any employee manually changes their time, it is in the form of a request which I must approve. Also, we have offices in NY, NJ & DC...I am able to have a one-stop-shop to manage the employee hours from all three offices. I used to have point people in each office relay hours to me, but with this service, I can run it independently. Easy to use, organized, integrated with our operating system... I'm saving money with this service... I have only good things to say. I really recommend this service to any company looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your employees. PS Their customer service is outrageously good. I always reach a person if I call, which is great!

— Jaclyn Haydu - The CFS Group, New Jersey

They have been extremely helpful through the entire process. The system is very easy to use and is a very cost effective solution to our time tracking needs. I would recommend this app to anyone struggling to keep track of employee time.

— Jasmine Georgia - The Tax Credit Company, California

As a growing company with employees on three continents this product has become a must have for us. Easy to navigate and monitor everything from employee time worked to time devoted to specific projects. To top of a great product, their customer service response has been immediate, efficient, and beyond helpful.

— Jesse Pipes - World Camp For Kids, North Carolina

We were looking for a product to easily keep track of time spent on our various projects without adding yet another task to our day! After looking at numerous products we settled for and have been very happy with the input process and reporting capabilities. A job well done, thanks guys!

— Rudy Six - Invers, Alabama

It's not easy to find a product that provides a complete solution for different types of business. This one definitively provided us a very good solution for our needs. We started using this product about 2 years ago now. Everything is there to make it valuable and easy to use. And the support team is REALLY working hard to keep improving the tool. There are listen to us and take advice we provide to them. Many improvements have been added since we started using the product. They aren't just a sale speech like many other companies. And the best of the best (and my first priority to evaluate a service) is the quality of the support team. Answer or solution has always been provided within hours. Support has been provided the same way when errors were ours. I'm happy I made the right choice going with This definitively saved me hours and hours.

— Thierry Bodson - Groupe SAPERGY Consultation, Canada

We tested last month and the ease of set-up combined with the user-friendly functionality convinced us to activate our subscription.

— Ken Jones - Resource Media, California

We have used since August, 2008. We track 90 employees and nearly 500 projects using this app. When we first signed up, we were delighted to learn that was able (and willing) to actually customize their reporting for us because we were looking for the unusual option of grouping project time worked by job title - not exactly a standard report on most software. We got exactly what we needed, so I'm happy to give them a good review. Since becoming a customer, they have been a consistently responsive organization when we have any type of customer service issue. This year we'll be using to help us grow to around 150 planned employees.

— David English - TSL, Maryland

I just wanted to take a moment and say that I think this service is awesome! I had been looking for an online time clock for some time that would work with my business and the independent contractors that I work with. This system works perfectly and I am so glad I found you!

— Brook Robinson - Robinson Property Management, Idaho

This is the first application I loaded after attending Dreamforce 2009. It replaced a custom project tracking application and I am not going back to the old application. Extremely easy to use, nice UI features, and simple. I use the application every day to track my hours against my multiple projects. Support for the application is very responsive. I highly recommend this application for anyone that needs to track their hours against multiple projects on a daily basis. It is simple to setup and use.

— Robert Owens - O, Inc., Virginia

Prior to using I was responsible for managing all employees times manually. As you can imagine this was incredibly tedious. With the implementation of I have found that the time savings alone makes this app perfect in all aspects. In addition I would like to make a special mention as to the customer service, which is phenomenal. When we started with this product I was looking for the simplest solution with a very limited learning curve and not only is the app easy to begin with but the customer service made the integration so seamless and painless that I would recommend anyone with time clocking needs to use, you won't be disappointed.

— Rob Baumgardner - RealtyTech, California

We needed an online time tracking product to track the time of our team. Our team members are located in different areas of the country. We needed a convenient way to track time virtually without costing us an arm and a leg. has filled our need. With a click of a button, our team clocks in and out. has helped us to process payroll faster and easier. The price is affordable for our small, growing company. Customer support is fantastic and has answered all our questions. We are glad that is now part of our team.

— Pam Crenshaw - Avalon Communications Group, Illinois

Here was our problem before this app: Our company employed many individuals across the country which made it hard to track when people were actually working. It was like pulling teeth to get everyone to send in their invoices in a timely manner so we can run payroll all at one sitting. Some of our independent contractors worked hourly while others on a "by-project-basis" and of course, to add to the confusion, some did both. Here was my solution: was on only online tool to handle all our needs in a straight forward manner. Employees can log on directly via the website. I can track hourly and project-based performances with the easy-to-use admin interface. We decide when we are going to run payroll and everyone's time is up to date. No more waiting on late invoices!!! If you are not sure about this product, I suggest setting up the free account and have a remote employee try it out. You'll see that for the first time you'll know exactly when he or she is working without being too much of a "big brother" boss. More importantly you see home much faster it is to process payroll and move on to the more interesting things.. like running your company.

— Chris Mihm - MediCoverage, Inc., California

We've used this tool for almost a year to track production hours for specific projects as well as for pay cycle tracking. It's a nice, slick application that really pays for itself in no time. It's easy for users to clock in and clock out. It's easy for finance to pull reports. It's great for project managers to track effort.

— Sharron Volgyesi - Nevada Learning Series, Alabama

Many of our employees are virtual. Keeping track of what they do "virtually" is a tough enough job, but for us that starts within the realm of hours. We have looked at a lot of time clocks from larger company's and haven't been near as impressed as the innovation and customer service found with this product (CS may have to call you back but they always do in short order). Hours monitored by are easily approved and upload capability to our payroll company is a two click process. NICE! Our employees are then paid direct deposit. CLICK,CLICK, We approve or not, CLICK, CLICK upload to payroll… they handle all our employer payroll deductions, employee payroll deduction and record it for future reference. All done through this little time clock program. Everybody is happy here except for one "Payroll expert" no longer needed.

— Rick Fraser - United Priority Distributors, California

As a business owner, has simplified payroll considerably. The web site tracks my employees hours, overtime and time off accurately so it makes payday much easier to handle. I have all my totals with the click of a button. I highly recommend using It is well worth the very small expense!

— Laura A. Peterson - Laura Peterson Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

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