Free Sick, Vacation, and PTO Time Off Accrual Calculator

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This calculator can help you find the amount to accrue for each accrual period and then calculate the total accrual over a date range.


Enter the number of hours your employee should accrue per year and the length of your accrual period. The calculator assumes a 40-hour workweek, but you can adjust that. Next, you’ll see the amount accrued each period. If you want to see how many hours should have accrued over a date range, change the start and end dates, and the total accrued value in hours will appear.


Calculators like this are handy, but they don’t let you track time-off balances or usage, and they don’t store 2 years of historical data that the government requires from every business. That’s why you need In addition to time tracking, we manage time-off balances, usage, and more. You can try for free and use it for 15 days. We charge less than $5 per user so click on the free trial button right now, and see what you think!