Calculate Staffing Cost Savings

Switching from paper to

According to research performed by the American Payroll Association, the average employee pads their timesheet by 10 minutes over the course of the day. This adds up to an overpayment of over 40 hours per year, per employee!


Try changing the numbers in the calculator for employees, workdays, and pay rate to see what you could save. 

Eliminate costs associated with:

  • Buddy punching - Coworkers can't clock in for each other anymore with our system, so managers can stop paying employees for time employees aren't actually working.

  • Time padding - Employees can't write in a time earlier than they actually arrive. This usually saves companies about 10 minutes per day per employee - sometimes more!

  • Inaccuracies in payroll accounting - Calculation errors happen to the best of us and, with a job as boring as adding up timesheet hours, they're more likely to happen more often.

  • Recordkeeping Issues - Timesheet records must be obtained for 3 years. We keep your records forever and guarantee free access.

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