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Timesheets.com keeps track of your work time and expenses for things like payroll and billing. Our service helps organizations like yours run more efficiently, which leads to cost savings and less headaches for managers and owners.

This Is Where You Come In

You'll be recording your work time with Timesheets.com using a computer or phone. You'll do that by punching in online or using a form to enter your time. Below are some resources that you can use to help you learn how to use Timesheets.com. You can watch videos, take guided tours or read about specific features. Welcome on board!

(Employee training documentation is also available in Spanish)

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Guided Tours

These walkthroughs help you learn to navigate your account.


These articles help you learn about the features of your account.

Guided Tours for Employees

How to login

Learn how to login for the first time and see what your new account looks like.

Enter Hourly Time

Learn how to enter work time for payroll and time off, and how to make edits and requests.

Add Project Time

Learn the three ways of entering billable or job costing time against customers and projects, and how to edit records.

Selected Articles from the Help Pages

First Time User Login For Employee and Supervisors

The first time you login, you'll need to change your password and select security questions. Click here to view


Hourly Employee Training for Payroll Time Tracking

This list of articles answers questions about how to use Timesheets.com to track hourly time for payroll and time off. Click here to view


Employee Training for Project Time Tracking for Billable Time and Job Costing.

This list of articles answers questions about how to use Timesheets.com to track project time for billing and job costing. Click here to view


Setting Up Your Computer and Devices

This list of articles answers questions about how to setup your desktop or mobile device to use Timesheets.com. Click here to view