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The By Hours Worked calculator determines how much time off your employee will accrue during the current work or payroll period.


Enter the number of hours worked by your employee during the period. Next, enter the number of hours that must be worked in order to accrue one hour of time off and then look for the total accrual amount.


The Accrual Eligibility Checker is a second tool that helps protect you from issuing time-off to employees who have reached the maximum hours allowed to accrue for that year. Enter the cap amount and the hours worked by the employee year to date. Then look for the total hours allowed for the current period.


Calculating by-hours-worked accruals by hand is complicated, and while calculators like this are handy, they don’t let you save your results and they don’t store 2 years of historical data that the government requires from every business. That’s why you need In addition to time tracking, we manage time off, HR documents, and more. You can try for free and use it for 15 days. We charge less than $5 per user so click on the free trial button right now, and see what you think!